My name is Kelly Sauter. Ceallaigh is the Irish/Gaelic spelling of my first name. I was raised by two US Air Force photographers, and have been around cameras my whole life. It was not until I had my first child, and was given a digital camera by a grandmother desperate for pictures that I began to experiment myself. I never felt the freedom to “shoot, shoot, and shoot some more, then see what you get” with film. Digital is wonderful!

My desire is to try to capture the image of God in the world around me.  I know I don’t do it justice, but my joy is to try!  People, light, Creation in general.  All of them speak His name, and I want to capture the world the way I see it – as a shout of acclamation to His wonderful name!  Because of this, my preferred style tends to drift towards “Lifestyle Photography”.

I love the candid moments – especially the ones where my subject doesn’t even realize I am taking the picture!  Posed portraits are nice, too.  The candid shots are the ones that really capture my heart, though.


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